What is SEO? Quick Traffic Guide with New Algorithm Hacks in 2020

What is SEO? Quick Traffic Guide with New Algorithm Hacks in 2020

what is seo

What is SEO: Introduction for Beginner’s; SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”  and it is a function to drive FREE, Organic Traffic according to user search terms from a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Other too. 

Search Engine love always new information, updates, fresh content with actual answers for viewers that also comply with SEO practice as well as a search algorithm.

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) might sound like a mouthful, but once you understand how search engines algorithm-works you'll be on your way to becoming SEO confident.

Learn how to develop an adaptable SEO plan, identify the most effective keywords, and which tools can help you measure Blog/Website performance.

What is Modern SEO Strategy?

Modern means current trends, SEO Strategies is the pathway of optimizing a blog content according to search queries with related keywords that helps the search engine understand parameter when user search. 

When optimization is done as per topic first, you get a well rank position with long-tail keywords related to search terms.

Let’s get start with actual SEO action that works to drive more traffic in 2019.

Parts of SEO Practice:

For Newbies Blogger: There are mainly two types of SEO practice.

#On-Page SEO

#Off-Page SEO

If you are experiencing blogger than hopefully you may more familiar with parts of SEO.

But what new reformation happens from previous to this year and how it impacts on our blog performance.

Read: What New Reforms in On-Page SEO Practice for 2020.

Practical SEO Advice for Beginner Blogger:

When you work in proper sequence with best optimized time table then that gives you better results as you accept. Same here this Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors will play a role as a tour guide to reach a destination where you want to go.

This SEO advice will introduce you all actionable concept that you should know.

seo factors
Image Credit: searchengineland

#What is Most Important in “SEO action” to Get #1 Search Results.

First, You need to learn which action will play best SEO result.

Q. How to Get My Blog on #1 in Google Search Rank?

Below Activities will Effect on Blog Ranking Factor.  

1. Keywords Research Guide & Tactic
2. On-Page SEO Optimization.
3. Off-Page SEO Activities
4. Featured Snippet Setting.
5. Genuine Link Building

Let me describe one by one that helps you to understand for better results.

All these activities are very important so don’t skip any points.

1. Keywords Research: How to find more effective keywords?

Actual Keywords play a role as iron supplements to boost your SERP (search engine ranking position).

You need to write content for users not for search engine. If your blog post solves the user queries and your language is easy to understand by users and users spend more time with your post then automatically get better ranking results.

Focus on only user question-related keywords to “How to” “What is”  questions. I mean long-tail keywords give you better boost up.

You can pick more questionable keywords from (PAA) People Also Aks.

search queries

If you want to compete your competitor then you can use Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, https://www.semrush.com/

Either you can use free keywords tool but I never suggest using low-value keywords. Free keywords tools never provide you perfect word stream and not for fully accessible.

2. On-Page SEO Optimization.

If you in blogging then you definitely listen or might be found in Google about On-Page SEO many times. It is related to Meta Tag such as title, keywords and description optimization.

When you search on Google then you get first featured snippet results of Moz, on their website describe as it is a practical action of optimizing particular blog post to get higher rank and achieve more traffic to your search terms accordingly. 

On-Page SEO is referring to optimize content and web page coding of every page. For those new to on-page SEO, we highly recommend reading Rand Fishkin's A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO.  On-Page SEO algorithm change year to year, so it is important to keep up-to-date accordingly.   


3. Off-Page SEO Activities

Here I point out just basic but most important Off-Page SEO activities and optimization that can help you understand the fundamental, if you newbie in SEO life.

When you search just What is Off-Page SEO in Google search box then you see featured snippet results from Raliablesoft. But in my word “Off-Page SEO refers to activities that help to get more organic results in SERPs by making the relationship through links with other webpages that related to our niche”. But it is not just for link building, it is processed to promotion methods to get better ranking results as well.

Read My Free Lesson: Top 8 New Off-Page SEO Technique that Boosts You Ranking.

4. Featured Snippet Setting.

First, you need to understand about featured snippet and how it works.

What is Featured Snippet Results?

Featured-Snippet is programmatically extraction search results from your web page that are featured and seen by a visitor on your web page. 

When Google got any questionable queries then their program detects that answer page for the user’s question and show as a featured snippet in SERP on top.   

featured snippet

Nothing other means it.

Read My Free Lesson: How You Can Get Featured Snippet Results For Own Blog?


5. Genuine Link Building

Understand First, What is Link Building?

Link-Building is an action to generate links for our website from other high PR websites or particular web page with targeted keywords that relevant to user queries. Link-Building acts as a backbone for your blog or website. After link building, you got backlinks from high authority and quality site, but must be relevant to your topic niche, because it is matters more.

Read My Free Lesson: How to Build Link from others to Get higher Ranking Results?

DP Blogging Tips: Free 10 Top Lesson for Effective SEO

As I mention below my free SEO Lesson Table is the pathway from beginner to expert.

Drive your blogging journey through this roadway to reach your destination where you want to go.

(All These Lesson Comming Very Soon)

Lesson: 1. Fundamental SEO – Guide to Success SEO Factor
Lesson: 2. The SEO process is working for higher ranking?
Lesson: 3. How to choose correct and relevant keywords to use?
Lesson: 4. Goals setting for SEO, That truly works.
Lesson: 5. Link Building That Play Role in Search Engine Ranking
Lesson: 6. Social Media Links Factor and Traffic Guide
Lesson: 7. SEO Mistakes that Violated and Search Spam Penalties
Lesson: 8. What is Trust, Authority, Identity and Search Ranking
Lesson: 9. Site Architecture and SE Factors
Lesson: 10. Complete White Hat SEO Guide to Rank Higher in 2020

After reading this free SEO lesson and guide, feel free make a comment as your opinion and advice about how this lesson is helpful for you.

I try to enclose my best experience and practical knowledge for your success.

SEO is not just a magical game to get quick results and rank on #1 in Google and other search engines. It needs to work hard and keep patience to be on top in SERPs.

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